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Tour of Romagna by bike

Rimini offers a large number of paths by bike or motorbike, between echoes from the historical, picturesque landscapes and unspoiled nature.

Rimini – Santarcangelo

To reach the picturesque medieval village of Santarcangelo along the sea of Rimini , and making a brief incursion in the historical centre, not only is a route that will allow you to see the most iconic of Rimini, but it is also very easy to travel.
Follow the bike path that runs along the beach until you reach the characteristic Village of San Giuliano, the ancient fishermen's quarter. After wandering between the brightly coloured houses and have made a jump to the Dock you can head to the Tiberius Bridge and venture in the Lands of the Valmarecchia, which report numerous testimonies of the ancient domination of the malatesta.
Continuing on the path of the Valmarecchia area, we will be able to admire the surrounding hills and the nature that characterizes. Continuing to follow the course of the river marecchia valley that gives the name to these lands, we arrive in Santarcangelo di Romagna.
Here you can stroll around the old town or the underground, and before leaving, guests can have a meal with a nice glass of wine in one of the typical inns. (link to the page with the Territory in which I speak of Santarcangelo?)


If you're fascinated by these lands full of history, even the bike tour in Valmarecchia is a simple but very striking.
The starting point is the Parco XXV Aprile, the green heart of Rimini, in the direction of the bank of the Marecchia river, through the homonymous path. Cycling safely in the plain, surrounded by a country landscape and surrounded by both sides of the river from the medieval villages.
Halfway you can stop in the country-the fortress of Verucchio (link to the page with the Territory in which I talk about Verucchio?) to visit its imposing Malatesta Fortress.

Then, you can continue to Saiano, in the direction of the Sanctuary of the Madonna and its soaring tower. To the Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena you greet the Marecchia to head to Rimini where is certainly worth a visit, one of the most important museums of history of mining in Europe.

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