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The taste of Romagna

Typical products doc and dop

The region is famous for its good cuisine, made from simple ingredients but quality. Here is a list of the most famous local products.

And for those who love to discover new restaurants and places where to taste the typical cuisine of romagna, the Hotel Greta you can find valuable advice about the local sought after, where you can taste the real local cuisine.


With its many rows of vines and the vines, the Romagna has always been the homeland of wine. The variety most cultivated and appreciated is the Sangiovese, the basis for the red wines DOC Colli di Rimini and Romagna. Among the white wines include the grape variety Trebbiano Romagnolo, Biancame and Rebola. In Rimini you can taste a long list of DOC wines.


The extra virgin olive oil of rimini is characterized by a fruity flavor, with medium and a light scent of grass or green almond with a very intense, but not too much.

Also in 2005, the extra-virgin olive oil, of high quality, has received the award of product D. O. P the Hills of Romagna.

The fish

The blue fish is the main ingredient of many typical recipes of Rimini and its surroundings. In the various restaurants you will find delicious anchovies, sardines, mackerel, cork oaks and many other species among which we remember the poor girl, the typical clam breeding of rimini.
Two typical dishes that you must absolutely try are the fish fry, grilled fish and piadina with salad, onions and saraghina (fish).

The cheese

In Romagna you will find typical cheeses a distinctive taste. Very popular is the pecorino, either fresh or seasoned. The original is the Squacquerone cheese: a soft cheese and fresh, with a delicate flavor, slightly sweet and sour. It is perfect if accompanied with the flatbread. Famous and sought after is the fossa cheese, which takes its name from one of its manufacturing processes: the conservation in the pits. The penetrating smell, in Romagna, is often substituted for the parmesan cheese.

The bakery

Can a dough made of only flour, lard, salt, water to give life to one of the most iconic of the region? Yes, this is what happens in the case of the piadina romagnola , which features the distinctive trademark I. G. P.

At the level of the baking, very much appreciated is also the esplanade, a cross between a bread, a cake and a dunk high and soft, it consumes stuffed to your liking.

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