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By Rivabella, and from the Hotel Greta is possible to organize excursions to the towns of the hinterland of romagna, characterized by breathtaking views and lush nature.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo is a beautiful medieval village in which breathe history and culture. Every street, every building, every artefact well-preserved, bear witness to the ancient roman empire, the barbarian invasions, and the medieval period. The country is rich in well-preserved historic buildings that are well worth a visit, such as l’Arco Ganganelli , or the Bell Tower.

Suggestive and of great charm is also Santarcangelo underground: a labyrinth underground that runs along the whole city.
And if all these emotions have caused you to be appetite, even better: Santarcangelo hosts a myriad of restaurants of typical and characteristic wine bars supplied and famous restaurants.
Also, if you have the good fortune to visit at certain times of the year there are various festivals and fairs from the resonance also international, such as, for example, the Santarcangelo Festival - festival of Street Theatre - which takes place usually around the first of July.

Poggio-Torriana and Montebello

If you want to see the inland landscape change, mile after mile, you cannot spend a visit to the villages of Poggio Torriana and Montebello.
In front of your eyes, you'll see the plain be slowly swallowed up by the hills, and then arrive at the foot of a rocky cliff that houses the village of Poggio Torriana. Climb the cliff, you can visit the lookout tower and then give you a unique view and unique on the sea and on the Adriatic Riviera.
If you have the good fortune to arrange a visit to Poggio Torriana during July, you will find the festival of food and wine , The hill of the flavours, very famous in the district.

If you love the thrill and the stories of fear are your passion, you can wait until the evening for a visit to the spooky castle of Montebello, which are said to be inhabited by spirits, including that of the famous little girl Blue.


If, instead, the close encounters with the ghosts are not for you, Poggio Torriana, you can easily reach Verucchio: the homeland of the most significant settlements of the Villanovans and the dynasty of the Malatesta family.

The symbol of the city is the rock on which stands the medieval village that gives you a romantic view of the valley below. Do not miss the aperitif in one of the cafes in which you can find scattered along the way, or a succulent plate of grilled meat in one of the open barbecues local.

If you want to give your holiday an impression more cultural, you can visit the interesting Museum of the Villanovan culture.


Not far from the town of Verucchio is located in the small village of Talamello. If you love the cheese, its taste and its unique flavor you can't not go to this resort lying on a hill: it's the birthplace, in fact, the precious Amber of Talamello: a cheese very characteristic.

Sant'agata Feltria

If panoramic views are your thing you absolutely have to do a jump in the small village of Sant'agata Feltria. Located in a small valley surrounded by hills, boasts a castle and a lovely castle of the ‘700 completely preserved. In addition, all gourmets will find taverns and traditional restaurants in which to eat the homemade cuisine of romagna.

Petrella Guidi and Pennabilli

For all lovers ofcrisp air that is a panacea for health, a visit to Pennabilli is an obligation. From the characteristic shape of an artichoke, winds around to its fortress, which offers adifferent perspective, always charming, the surrounding valley and mountains that surround the.

Pennabilli, instead, is a cheerful little village on the edge of the monte Carpegna. The name derives fromthe union of two medieval castles in Penna and Billi. If you visit in June you can participate in the Festival Of Buskers performing the best international performers.

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